Having difficulty connecting to the internet? SLOW INTERNET? Can't see your wifi printer or video camera? Need data, video and audio network cabling? Yes, we can help you! Internet and network speed is critical to home and office productivity.

The first problem that comes to mind that occur when configuring your network, your systems and resources for use are the environment and the number of users. With the environment, you have to consider the type of walls and floors, the distance and the other electronic components that can affect network signals and attenuation of your network line. Second problem to consider is the business overall goal of the network that will affect the traffic and bandwidth demand.

No matter whether you are setting up and configuring Windows, or a Cisco router, there are many things that need to be considered and done correctly. There are also multiple ways of doing things, and so, the best practices should be considered and followed. For example, the computer system you want to connect to the Internet. This simple example requires you to know a few things about TCP/IP addressing schemes, the DHCP protocol and cabling (or wireless for those who have it available). For more info, VISIT or CALL us.

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