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Websites can be utterly confusing and overwhelming these days. There are so many constant updates and procedures that it is completely understandable to become lost, frustrated, and in need of some help. At CompuHelpUSA we are your partner to help you understand and promote your business presence at the world wide web.

Personal or professional use, we can help you on all stages of a web development. From conception to birth to thriving maturity, we have consultants (in-house or freelance)to assist in the development process. Whether it’s a website designed for your personal use or as an internet selling tool for your organization or business, CompuHelpUSA can help you fulfill your internet goals.

Start the process

Ever wonder if you can create a web presence for your business or a personal portfolio and hesitate to act because of the costs it entails. No need to wait, we have the right package to jumpstart your growth. Start the process. There are many web theme options you can choose, see sample above. Let these themes percolate in your mind and ideas will surely fly!

Pick your theme

Choose on many business themes. There are many options to choose from different styles and functions. Web development process may take two to four weeks depending on the complexity of the site. There are also many components to consider such as "contact info layout", Services page, About Us, Call to Action, light box, carousel, payment module, and more.

The Package Deal

Call or visit us to discuss on our small business package deal that includes a complete design on web, business logo, business cards and brochure, all in one price. Package also includes your web email and hosting service for a year. No hidden cost and recurring charges. This is a great offer to JUMPSTART your web presence at an affordable cost.

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